Make Natural Stone Your First Choice


Several Points That Favour Stone

Durability – Properly installed stonework in a residential setting will last a lifetime.

Timeless Beauty – Fads come and go but natural stone is always a look to be admired.

Flexibility – When it comes to steps, one size does not fit all. Every front entrance is unique and natural stone can easily be be shaped to fit beautifully to any size or situation.

Safety – Every stair we build adheres to the outdoor step formula (twice the rise plus the run equals 28 inches). This means that our steps are not hard to climb, even for people who have difficulty walking.

Very Low Maintenance – Once installed, there is really nothing you need to do. Natural stone does not have to be sealed.

Value – The durability and appeal of natural stone retains its entire value, even as it weathers. The money you invest on stonework does not depreciate.

: :     Choose The Right Stone     : :

download (2) Credit Valley Sandstone download (2) Wiarton Limestone
download Textured surface provides a good foot grip when wet. download (1) Smooth, untextured surface provides little foot grip when wet.
download Colour is embedded in the stone and ranges from grey to buff. download (1) Colour comes from black and grey shale oil on the surface which can bleach to white after a year.
download The bond between the layers of stone is very strong and can take the extreme freezing and thawing conditions that walkways encounter in this region. download (1) The bond between layers varies in strength depending on which quarry it originates from.  If  installed improperly it will tend to delaminate over time.
download Mortar bonds extremely well to the rougher textured sandstone. download (1) Mortar does not bond to it well because it is a smooth stone. If it is laid poorly stones will pop up after a year or two.
download Credit Valley has a long history with the city of London, being the stone used on all the older UWO buildings and as an accent or front façade on many houses in the Old North and Old South neighbourhoods of            London. download (1) Wiarton has a shorter historical use in London and often does not match vintage construction.

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